Thank you for RESPONDing. Recently, you received information of a pipeline in your area. Please take this opportunity to educate yourself and be prepared for any activity involving our pipeline in your area.

Pipelines are really the energy lifelines of almost every daily activity. Pipelines play a role in everyone's lives and are essential to the nation's industries. Yet few people are aware of the work done by the country's pipeline network that delivers the products that are integral parts of America's economy. It is a network that delivers the nation's crude oil, petroleum products and natural gas (such as gasoline, jet fuel, home heating oil) reliably, safely, efficiently, and economically.

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Pipeline Safety

The Xchange Public Awareness System is designed to identify, notify and document outbound public awareness campaigns. Xchange provides a response forum for the following stakeholder audiences: Affected Public, General Businesses, Emergency Responders, Excavators, Contractors, Farmers and Public Officials.

Xchange Public Awareness System is supported by Enertech